DieboldkeysPosted originally on popandpolitics.com

On the Diebold Election Systems website you could find, until
yesterday morning, the photo of these little keys that open ALL of
their e-voting machines. Could a hacker create a duplicate key from the
Diebold website photo? Gee, I wonder…

Concerned citizen Ross Kinard of Sploitcast decided to find out:

“I bought three blank keys from Ace. Then a drill vise and three
cabinet locks that used a different type of key from Lowes. I hoped
that the spacing and depths on the cabinet locks’ keys would be similar
to those on the voting machine key. With some files I had I then made
three keys to look like the key in the picture.”

Princeton researchers who last fall released a study
detailing the vulnerability of the machines to software hacks confirmed
that two of the three keys made by Ross opened the crackpot Diebold

See for yourself!

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