P+P mini-festo


Pop and Politics, a USC youth-culture politics site that I also am a happy contributor to, recently published a manifesto that not only explains the relationship between popular culture and politics as they (we) see it but also articulates a compelling vision of the future of news and of how best to train future journalists. Here’s an excerpt:

Younger audiences have been famously abandoning traditional news because it has failed to effectively evolve. Contemporary information culture has made traditional “objective” reporting appear a veil thrown over institutional and editorial and authorial biases. P+P students are taught to try to write honestly as much as objectively, to be authentic and real with their readers and viewers. Likewise, traditional categories of information have been rendered less relevant, even distracting. A political campaign is a media production. A movie is a political event. P+P takes a culturally sophisticated view of information products— looking for the politics in art and the art in politics. Pop culture is perhaps the only area of the sixties counter cultural revolution to have survived and grown wider and deeper. Pop culture is not only entertainment but a vital link to engaging youth in cultural and political debates.

You can read the whole piece here.

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