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Denver Open Media Wins Knight News Challenge

(Published first on The Huffington Post’s Off the Bus)
The Knight Foundation announced its News Challenge Award winners last week at the Interactive Media Conference in Las Vegas. Sixteen projects will share various portions of this year’s $5.5 million prize. With the News Challenge, Knight aims to fund new-media innovations that “transform community life.” This year’s winners include digital culture all-star Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web, and ten “young creators” or applicants who are less than 25 years old.
Also among the winners was Denver Open Media, a two-year-old independent public access broadcast project. (disclosure: I am a recent addition to the DOM board.) The organization won a two-year $380,000 grant to help share its open-platform business model with stations nationwide, connecting public access stations across the country to create a new-style broadcast network. The small DOM staff trains people to film and edit their programs and upload them to the Web. The programs then play on three local TV stations and on the internet. Viewers can text in ratings and comments on each show. The rating and comments appear onscreen in realtime. Programs that garner the most votes move into the best time slots. Program quality, styles and purposes vary wildly.
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The new publics of the new news

I. Why apologize for letting the public in? I was recently speaking with the Editor in Chief of Bondy Blog—a blog that was established during the 2005 riots that in France that features reports by Bondy youth about life in … Continue reading

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Talks on online journalism and public participation

A few weekends ago I attended a fantastic conference in Vancouver, The Future of Public Institutions–New Media, the Press, and The Museum sponsored by The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation and organized by two of their scholars Mike Ananny (Stanford University) … Continue reading

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diversity online

Untold Stories: Truth and Consequences Workshop 1A: YouTube & Do it Yourself Media: Challenges to Traditional Media from Outside the Mainstream Featuring Stories from Diverse Communities Welcome to this session on challenges to traditional media. Before I introduce the panel … Continue reading

Posted in Uncategorized and New-Media Professional Journalism Culture and New-Media Professional Journalism Culture by Adrienne Russell For publication in Elizabeth Bird (ed), The Anthropology of News and Journalism: Global Perspectives, forthcoming Indiana University Press. Introduction: The Challenge to Traditional Journalism The emergence of participatory journalism, journalism that … Continue reading

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