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A few weeks ago I met with Charlie Beckett in London and we had a great talk about journalism in the new-media landscape in which he described some of the research initiatives and projects he is involved in as Director of Polis, a journalism think tank at LSE. Back in the States now, I just finished his recently published book SuperMedia: Saving Journalism So It Can Save the World, which I found an impressively thorough and clear-minded assessment of the often pained contemporary evolution of journalism. You can check out several chapters here.
SuperMedia is packed with examples of recent experiments undertaken by journalists and news media organizations, but it’s more than merely descriptive of the current state of affairs. As the title makes clear, SuperMedia is marked by lofty insider ambitions: it’s a manifesto, basically, that plots to save what’s best about journalism. It’s a call to recognize what Beckett hopes will be an enduring connection between public good, human rights and the news.
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