Participatory Learning and “The Class”

Mike WeschOn Friday Mike Wesch came to DU to participate in the Center for Teaching and Learning’s conference on Teaching and New Media. As always he gave a totally inspiring (and still somehow humble) talk about his collaborative approaches to teaching in which wikis replace syllabi, calibrated peer reviews replace grades, and participatory thinking replaces top-down knowledge dissemination.

Mike’s morning talk was followed by an example of the open source teaching and learning he celebrates. Lynn Schofield Clark and her students presented The Class, a parody of the show The Office, meant to depict the results of a DU survey on how students feel about use of the technology in the classroom. It’s a great thing there are profs like Lynn and Mike upping the ante for us all! Here is the video.

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1 Response to Participatory Learning and “The Class”

  1. merlyna says:

    this is cool!!!
    it’s great to see you’re doing many interesting things there…. how are you doing there?
    miss you!

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