Boulder Book Store, Journalism as Activism book talk and signing, Boulder, January 12, 2016.

Tattered Cover Books, Journalism as Activism book launch, Denver, November 2016.

32nd EURICOM Communication & Culture Colloquium, Activists, Media Technologies, and the Labor of Prototyping Change, Piran, October 2016.

Association of Internet Researchers Conference, “Defining Space through Activism (and Journalism): the Paris Climate Summit,” Berlin, October 2016.

International Communication Association Annual Conference,“Snowden Revelations and the Mediapolis,” presenter, International Communication Association Annual Conference, Fukuoka, Japan, June 2016.

Reuters Institute for Journalism Studies, Oxford University,“New Media Players and US News Coverage of the COP21,” Oxford, May 2016.

Colorado College,  “What the Snowden Revelations Mean for Journalism and the Public,” Colorado Springs, April 2016.

Reuters Institute for Journalism Studies, Oxford University,“New Journalism Players and the UN Climate Summit,” Oxford, February 2016.

London School of Economics Fellows Speaker Series, Media Sensibility and Social Change, London, June 2015.

Protest Participation in Variable Communication Ecologies, “Hacking the News: journalism, activism and media sensibilities,”  University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy, June 2015.

Surveillance and Citizenship, “Covering the Snowden revelations: hybrid news environments and expanding spheres of legitimate debate,” Cardiff University, Wales, June 2015.

Transforming Political Imaginations: Web 2.0 and Political Repertoires, “Journalism as Activism: Representing and Shaping Social Change in the Contemporary Media Landscape,”  Goldsmiths University, London, May 2015.

Brestonlon, PhD conference for doctoral candidates from University of Bremen, University of Stockholm, and London School of Economics,“Media Research in a time of crisis and transformation,” London, May 2015.

Polis Annual Conference, London School of Economics, “New forms of political journalism,” London,  March 2015.

Qualitative Political Communication Research Pre-Conference International Communication Association, “The Many Realities of Media and Politics,” University or Washington Seattle, May 2014.

International Communication Association Annual Conference, Media Systems and Media Markets and Advancing Mediatization Research, respondent, Seattle, Wash., May 2014.

Transformations in Journalism. “Hacking the News: How Media Activists are Transforming Journalism,” Örebro University, Sweden, November 2013.

University of Denver Alumni Symposium, What Networked Journalism Does Well and Why It Matters,  Oct. 2013.

International Association of Media and Communication Researchers Conference “Innovation in Hybrid Spaces” and “Climate Crisis Communication and the Voice of Global Publics,” Dublin, June 2013.

International Communication Association Annual Conference,  Challenging News Storytelling: Network Architectures, Mediality, and the Emotional Life of News, respondent, London, June 2013.  

National Conference on Media Reform,“Media Literacies in the Emergent Media Environment,” Denver, April 2013.

Arts Humanities and Social Science Lecture Series, “Innovation in Hybrid Spaces,” University of Denver, March 2013.

Media@IU Keynote, “Ghosts in the News-Media Machine: How digital activists are shaping the future of media,” November 2012.

Culture, Politics and Climate Change conference, University of Colorado Boulder, “COP17 Digital Networks,” September 2012.

International Communication Association Annual Conference, Phoenix, “A Networked Approach to Emergent News Media Landscapes” and “2011 UN Climate Summit and the Voice of Global Publics,” May 2012.

In March 2012 I went on a mini book tour, including stops in Tampere, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Stockholm, London and Copenhagen.

University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Data-Based Conflicts Conference, “Counterpower News: Where Networked Journalism and Activist Data Clash and Combine,” March 2011.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal, COP17 People’s Space panel, Durban, “Coverage of the Climate Justice Movement,” December 2011.

University of Cape Town, MediaClimate Workshop, “Social Networks and the Climate Justice Movement,” November 2011.

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Center for Education in Law and Democracy Forum, Denver, “New Media and the Future of Democracy,” December 2009.

Roundtable KBDI Studio 12, Denver “Future of Journalism,” November 2009.

Saving the News: Denver and the Future of Journalism, Free Press conference, “Participatory Media and New Journalism,” September 2009.

Colorado Freedom of Information Council Community Forum, Denver, “The Future of Journalism,” September 2009.

National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture conference, Boston, “Social Media and the Shifting Power Dynamics of Journalism,” August 2009.

Alliance for Community Media conference, Portland, Oregon, “Public Media, News, and the Networked Environment,” July 2009.